The Inner Hero Toys for Tots Program
December 21st, 2021
We just finished our 4th year of serving our communities Toys for Tots!

A big thank you to the Brooklyn United Methodist Church for offering their location to us for four straight years. And thank you to our sponsor, True Vine Family Christian Center. Also, a huge thank you to all of our volunteers that helped make our events possible!! Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year!
Online Event
August 14, 2021 - The Inner Hero - 2nd Annual Women's Cruise

Hey Ladies!
Thanks for coming on out August 14th and being a part of the change in our community.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

Guidelines For Dealing With The Police On A Traffic Stop

You can set the tone for the encounter.

The Inner Hero Mentoring Program

If you are interested in becoming a Mentee, or are a parent/guardian interested in signing up a youth, click the link below.

The Inner Hero, D.O.J. Community Dialogue

On Monday, January 11, 2021, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, the Community Relations Service (CRS) will host a virtual facilitated dialogue session between the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and various community members. The purpose of the dialogue is to provide an opportunity for MPD, diverse community leaders, residents, and youth to voice concerns, identify issues, and suggest ways to improve police-community relations in Minneapolis. Space is limited, sign up now.

The Inner Hero Pledge

As of today, I pledge to act and speak with kindness. I will work diligently and consistently to be the best version of myself, striving to help others discover the full potential in themselves because I am The Inner Hero.

  1. Youth and parents learn how local government systems work.
  2. Police develop positive relationships with the community.
  3. Youth learn about jobs in law enforcement, fire fighting and other public sector employment paths.
  4. Service-Learning projects for youth increase civic engagement and personal communication skills.
  1. The Inner Hero Pledge
  2. Collective healing skills are taught and practiced.
  3. Youth learn skills and values through civic engagement.
  4. Youth Circles connect parents, school staff and others.
  5. Sports Events
  1. Youth have relationships with an adult that cares about them.
  2. Youth and police officers make connections that change their perceptions and the narrative about each other.
  3. Youth shadow and intern to learn skills for careers in government and public service.
  4. Peer to peer mentoring creates leadership from within. Youth leaders learn the skills to be positive role models.
  5. Mentors will set and monitor educational goals and resources to obtain their goals.
Campaign for The Inner Hero
Want to join me in making a difference? We're raising money to benefit The Inner Hero, and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to the children and youth we will impact.

Our mission is to create spaces and programs for youth that reduce violence, build trust, and encourage education that empowers youth to be productive citizens.

With the money we raise, we will put it back into community schools, prisons and centers. From within we create a change so the outside world can look different. We look forward to bring positive change in your local community soon. Blessings, Ambrose Russell
Feeding Event
Students and Police Breakfast Gathering
Wednesday February 19th 2020
4th and 5th grade students are invited to attend and must have at least one adult stay with them during the event.

Help build upon the positive relationships and trust between the police and our diverse communities.
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The Inner Hero Annual Basketball Tournament
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The Inner Hero hosted its 3rd annual basketball tournament. It’s a day where the community comes together for a day filled with athletic fun and sportsmanship. This event is just one of the ways we fulfill our goal to help build social interaction between the community and local officials.

Earlier this year we had over 1000 members of the community participate in numerous activities including, games of fitness, face painting and both kids and adults were able to spend time on and off the court with the Minneapolis Police Department, Minneapolis Fire Department and US Army. We believe sportsmanship helps create a bridge to developing positive relationships and teamwork in homes, schools and the community. The formation and engagement of positive interaction is directly related to The Inner Hero Mission & Vision.
Community/Police Discussions

The goal of these discussions is to provide a forum for community members and local police officials to address the challenges and solutions in building positive relations. The Inner Hero organization serves as the bridge to foster these discussions. So far, we’ve hosted community discussions with residents and Minnesota Chiefs of Police in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Robbinsdale, Crystal and New Hope Minnesota. In 2020, we expect to foster the development of discussions in additional communities and police departments in the Twin Cities.

Breakfast Program
School/Police Breakfast Program
This year we initiated a new program with the Golden Valley Police department where officers will have breakfast with students and parents at their local schools. The purpose of this program is to build more positive interactions with youth that lead to impactful mentoring relationships. We believe we can change the climate that exists in some communities into one of positive dialogue that builds acceptance and trust. The bridge of trust will take time to build. However, we are committed to investing the resources necessary today to build the relationships we desire for our children, communities and police departments for the future.
These programs encourage community interaction, teach life skills, and build self-esteem. We provide two areas of mentorship.

Peer to Peer Mentorship: We seek to provide youth leaders with the structure and skills to be positive role models for their peers; hence, to empower and serve the community from within. We recruit successful 11th and 12th grade youth to become the mentors in the program. In addition, we select one mentor leader to represent each school’s program and assist the program specialist. The Peer Mentors may be the “star students” as well as students who once fulfilled the profile of the mentored students. All programs are onsite school-based under the supervision of school staff.

Community Leaders Mentorship (CLM): Volunteers build personal relationships by providing one on one mentoring and counseling. The CLM is paired with youth based upon their interests and focus, so that the youth are developing key skills during this time.
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Annual Community “Thank You” Celebration
The goal of this event is to thank participants in the community and further build interactions between local officials and the community. It’s a day of fun activities for children and adults, and it’s where relationships can be established over food and conversation. Additionally, it provides an avenue to encourage and recruit volunteers to contribute their time and talents to events and programs that will empower children and their families in the community.
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Our Mission

Create spaces and programs for youth that reduce violence, build trust, and encourage education that empowers youth to be productive citizens.

Our Vision

Safe communities for everyone where youth reach their full potential.

May 2020: We’ve updated our Mission and Vision statements and we are excited that it clearly aligns with our focus on Education, Community Engagement, and Mentorship.

The Inner Hero Impact

Listen and see the impact by The Inner Hero over the last several years.


The Inner Hero Impact Stories

Listen to stories of those impacted by The Inner Hero.

2021: A Year of Success

We are Bringing Smiles to our Community Heroes.


Statement from “The Inner Hero Organization”

As a father, I am brokenhearted and crushed. As a member of the community, my emotions are raging. As an activist for a safer and more productive society, strengthening community-police relations, I am devastated by the death of George Floyd.

When police officers’ actions coincide with the death of a community member, it leaves a lot of strain on the police-community relationship, derailing trust and undermining the legitimacy of the service.

At this point, I will ask the community members to remain calm and direct their energy to prayer for the comfort and solace of the bereaved family.

Meanwhile, The Inner Hero organization, as part of and for the community, will reach out to the requisite authorities to ensure transparency and subsequently when the facts that are revealed show the officer(s) are negligent, justice.

The Importance Of Having The Vaccine

The Inner Hero hosted a one-day free food giveaway and a vaccine clinic on August 28th from 9 am to 6 pm at the Midland Shopping Center New Hope, Minnesota.


The Inner Hero Impact

Ambrose R. Russell interviewed Maxwell J. Tahija, the content creator for The Inner Hero. Learn about him as well as his passion to work with The Inner Hero to bring long term change to the Twin Cities communities.

You Can See the Change

“I’m very proud that the Minneapolis Police Department is a proud member along with The Inner Hero because Inner Hero’s work is transformational.”

– Chief of Minneapolis Police Medaria Arredondo


Working Together For The Change We Love To See!! The Inner Hero Organization is a proud partner of Minneapolis police Chief Medaria Arradondo, and we are in support of his actions taken so far. We will continue our working relationship with him as we work together to restructure the police department, to heal and build our community relations.

“Let the Healing Begin”

The Inner Hero Organization, in collaboration with Speak the Word Church International, hosted a day of interactive community discussion on current events. Join us for our next event and be a part of the change.

February 19, 2020

“Every young person has a dream and we just need to make sure that they are connected to somebody who believes in them. It just takes one person.”

– Dean Phillips

Heroic Words from our local Inner Heroes. During the breakfast gathering at Zachary Lane Elementary, our guests were Deputy Police Chief Eric Fadden of Plymouth, Congressman Dean Phillips, and Superintendent Dr. Calton Jenkins of Robbinsdale School District.

“As a leader, if you want to be successful you got to listen to people.

When you speak less, but you speak profoundly, and you listen more. Because when people find out you can listen to them, they follow you better. Meaning the idea you have is not just yours, but theirs, it’s inclusive.”

– Ambrose R. Russell

Thank you, Community Heroes!

It was such a pleasure having fun at the Timberwolves game Saturday evening with everybody!

We are excited to continue growing our team of volunteer leaders throughout the MSP area!

We would love to share an experience like this with you soon!

Help us empower MORE Community Heroes!

Today, The Inner Hero Organization launched a new breakfast program at Sandburg Middle School in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The program is geared towards building relationships with local police departments and middle school students. Our discussion while having breakfast with students, teachers, parents, officers, and community leaders centered around the use of social media and developing a positive attitude.

Despite all of our differences within our homes, schools, communities, cities, states, and our nation, we at The Inner Hero Organization believe that love is the key in changing others’ unique lives. As you watch this video, please find The Inner Hero within you for us as a community to love again.

Our Community and Police Dialogues at North Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center.

The Inner Hero Continues to Bring Community Together

The Inner Hero organization is working each and every day to bring the community and police to work together to bring about a safer and better neighborhood and city.

The Inner Hero 2019 Basketball Tournament

The Inner Hero organization held its 3rd annual Basketball tournament. Local youth and young adults had a great day with families and law enforcement in attendance. We are excited as each year provides new opportunities for us to bring the community together.



Many youth who are struggling academically and socially are attending school, but not learning. We focus on identifying and cultivating their academic interests and passions as well as guiding them to explore and identify career interests and options.

Build Character

We believe that strong character is the foundation of a successful future. We work with youth to guide them both to succeed academically and also to develop values such as respect, perseverance, and excellence. We help them develop the social and emotional skills necessary to form and develop good relationships and build a strong foundation for their future.


We provide mentorship and positive role models to inspire youth to strive for educational success, set and work toward future career goals and develop strong character. By connecting youth not only with caring adults but also with peers who understand their experiences, we show students that they can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.