About Us

The Inner Hero organization is a community-based 501©(3), registered in Minnesota, working with the communities and law enforcement. The Inner Hero consistently works with youth providing counseling and mentoring. Serving as a bridge, The Inner Hero works towards building trust and legitimacy between the communities and the police. Through sports, round-table dialogues, and community outreach, The Inner Hero creates a platform where the law enforcement officers and the community can meet and interact without any barriers.

How The Inner Hero Organization Started

Ambrose R. Russell with Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo
Russell talks with MN Keith Ellison (then U.S. representative, now attorney general)

The story of my upbringing, family history and the origination of The Inner Hero Organization!!

We Start by Caring

Our first step in helping students to reach their full potential is building relationships with them, getting to know their interests, hopes, dreams and passions.

Education and Career Focus

Students who struggle in school often feel disconnected or disinterested in academics. We connect with students to help them find their academic interests and passions. We connect them with tutoring opportunities as needed, as well as classes and enrichment programs that allow their talents and passions to shine. We also give them opportunities to explore potential career interests and options.

Learning From Youth Leaders

The Inner Hero youth development and education philosophy focuses on creating leadership from within. We seek to provide youth leaders with the structure and skills to be positive role models to their peers; hence, to empower and serve the community from within. We recruit successful 11th and 12th grade youth to become the mentors in the program. In addition, we select one mentor leader to represent each school’s program and assist the program specialist. The Peer Mentors may be the “star students” as well as students who once fulfilled the profile of the mentored students. All programs are onsite school-based under the supervision of school staff.