December 14th 2019 - Toys for Tots Program

The Inner Hero 2019 Toys for Tots program, Serving our Community Heros. We want to give a big ‘Thank You’ to all of our great volunteers!

November 19th 2019 - Golden Valley Community Police Discussion

Here are some photos from The Inner Hero Community Police Golden Valley Discussion held on Tuesday, November 19, 2019! Our saying has been and will always be The Community is the Police, and The Police is the Community! Thank you to all of our community Heroes that attended the discussion.

October 24th 2019 - Students and Police Breakfast Program

Today, The Inner Hero Organization launched a new breakfast program at Sandburg Middle School in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The program is geared towards building relationships with local police departments and middle school students. Our discussion while having breakfast with students, teachers, parents, officers, and community leaders centered around the use of social media and developing a positive attitude.

October 5th 2019 - Community Police Forum

The Inner Hero facilitated the recent Community – Police Forum at the Crystal Community Center.  Chief Stephanie of Crystal, Chief Jim Franzen of Robbinsdale and Chief Tim Fournier of New Hope were present to engage with the community and answers pertinent questions on on race, policing procedures, and police conduct among other current concerns, in the three cities.

Empire Africa is the Official Media Partner of The Inner Hero.

July 13th 2019 - The Inner Hero 3rd Annual Basketball Tournament

The Inner Hero held its 3rd annual 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament held on July 13th 2019. We had many youth and adults from the community as well as local police, firefighters, and the U.S. Army in attendance. Each year we are proud to have this opportunity to bring the community having a fun time together.

June 26th 2019 - Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center Community Police Discussion

June 25th 2019 - Minneapolis Community Police Discussion

March 27th 2019 - Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center Police Discussion

The Inner Hero Organization brought together the Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center community police discussion on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

March 26th 2019 - Minneapolis Community Police Discussion

We continue to meet as a community, the Minneapolis discussion was held on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. We continue working to bring the police and community together to build trust and understanding. In Minneapolis, we met in collaboration with The Man Up Club.

February 25th 2019 - Minnesota Timberwolves Foundation

Thank you to the Minnesota Timberwolves Foundation for inviting us out to the game and honoring The Inner Hero Organization with a gift of support for our mission!

Thank you to the Hennepin County Sheriff and all that continues to support the organization.

January 15th 2019 - Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center Police Discussion

Photos of our community police discussion on January 15th 2019. We had a great discussion and group of people.

January 10th 2019 - Minneapolis Community Police Discussion

Photos of our Minneapolis community police discussion on January 10th 2019. We had a great discussion and group turnout.